Top 17 Best 2 Channel Mixer: Make Your Party Higher!

Among the most used instruments for disk, jockeys are the best 2-channel mixer.  One might mix any favorite songs by adding effects to them through a 2- channel mixer. The new entertainment equipment technology has developed unique 2-channel DJ mixers that are easy to use. The disk jester mostly utilizes these mixers in every concert or event to exploit favorite audience requests for songs. 

In your case, using a 2-channel mixer means that your guests feel fun as they groove to the rhythm and beat of the mixers' songs. Now you want to buy a mixer but do not know the beginning point so we have the best 2-channel  mixer list for a terrific event below. Hopefully, our post is useful at the moment for you!

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Bestseller No. 1
VONYX 2 Channel Desktop DJ Mixer with Bluetooth, Crossfader, USB Player with Mic Input
  • The Vonyx STM500BT is a super portable and lightweight DJ mixer with Bluetooth.
  • In addition to the two line RCA inputs and a master RCA output, there is a microphone input as well as a headphone output at the front.
Bestseller No. 2
SoundLab 4 Channel Stereo Microphone Mixer
  • 8 Channels into two, each has its own volume control
  • Four-channel mixer
SaleBestseller No. 3
Numark M2 - 2-Channel Scratch DJ Mixer, Rack Mountable with 3-Band EQ, Club-Ready Inputs, Microphone Input and Replaceable Crossfader with Reverse and Slope Controls
  • Versatile, Feature Packed DJ Mixer for Beginners and Pros Alike – Two-channel DJ scratch mixer featuring must-have mix essentials for any DJ setting, from weddings to clubs, parties to practice setups
  • Connectivity Covered – Two phono/line switchable (RCA), two line (RCA) and mic (1/4-inch) inputs, plus master (RCA), record (RCA) and headphone (1/4-inch stereo) Outputs
Bestseller No. 4
Behringer NOX101 DJ Mixers
  • Premium two channel battle dj mixer for the most demanding turntablist, remixer and digital dj
  • Fully vca-controlled cross and channel faders for utmost reliability and noise-free audio
Bestseller No. 5
Behringer MX400 Micromix Low Noise 4 Channel Mono Line Mixer
  • Ultra-compact four-channel mono line mixer
  • Highest sonic quality even at maximum output level
SaleBestseller No. 6
Maker hart Just Mixer S - 3 Channels 3.5mm Stereo Input/Output Mini Audio Mixer Battery/USB Powered Portable Pocket Audio Mixer
  • VERSATILE & COMPACT - The perfect way to mix multiple sound sources incl. smart phones, tablets, computers, MP3 players, Amazon Echo, etc.
  • Ultra-small mixer: East to carry and operate and mix multiple sound sources without limitation and boundary.
Bestseller No. 7
Behringer XENYX 802 8 Input 2 Bus Mixer
  • Premium ultra low-noise, high headroom analog mixer
  • Two state-of-the-art xenyx mic preamps comparable to standalone boutique preamps
Bestseller No. 8
Behringer X1204USB Xenyx 12 Input 2/2 Bus Mixer
  • Premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer
  • Four state-of-the-art, phantom-powered xenyx mic preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps
SaleBestseller No. 9
Numark Scratch - Two-Channel DJ Scratch Mixer for Serato DJ Pro (included) With Innofader Crossfader, DVS license, 6 Direct Access Effect Selectors, Performance Pads and 24-Bit Sound Quality
  • Feature packed mixer performance - Two channel DJ scratch mixer for Serato DJ Pro with DVS license, ready to connect to Serato NoiseMap control vinyl or CDs (available separately)
  • Scratch essentials - Innofader scratch crossfader with reverse and slope control; filter knobs to create audio sweeps; dedicated instant looping knobs
Bestseller No. 10
Depusheng U4 Audio Mixer 4-CHANNEL USB Audio Interface Audio Mixer, DJ Sound Controller Interface with USB,Soundcard for PC Recording,USB Audio Interface Audio Mixer,w/Dynamic Mic, for Live Streaming
  •  BLUETOOTH WIRELESS STREAMING: Hassle and Cable free music streaming ability directly to the consoles; Mix all kinds of devices as smart phone to this audio mixer. Very easy to wirelessly stream all music tunes to the mixing board from Spotify or Pandora.Bluetooth works within 1.5ft
  • 4 CHANNELS: The mixer is great for multiple devices connectivity because it has 4 channels, compatible to most audio files .There are 2 XLR/ LINE jack combo microphone input,1 pair 1/4’’ and 1 pair RCA stereo inputs. Plus 1 pair RCA stereo output and 1 pair 1/4’’ Main output plus headphone jack

Top Best 2 Channel Mixer Reviews 2021

Pioneer DJ, 4 DJ Mixer (DJM900NXS2)
  • Take your performance to new heights with the DJM-900NXS2, which features our first ever 64-bit mixing processor for a warmer, more nuanced sound. We’ve fine-tuned the EQ and fader Curves and Enhanced the FX controls to give you even more creative choice. Plus the versatile DJM-900NXS2 has an independent send/return, 4 phono inputs and 2 USB ports – giving you flexibility to set it up your way

Pioneer DJM900NXS2 is the first best 2-channel mixer. Needless to mention, this is the pro edition of the DJM we discussed above. It features advanced on-board digital signals of studio quality that offers a much truer depiction of analog sound. The update sees it running at 95kHz/64-bit, making it a film piece of hardware of high quality, low latency clicking.

Each of its 4 channels, Filter, Sweep, Crush, Dub-Echo, Noise and Space effects are available to colour your sound.

It has a regular 3-band EQ powered by its robust faders, which has been improved along with the flanger curves. The faders are assisted for added toughness by 2 metal bolts. The broad x-pad contains 14 different beat impacts, and it is possible to change and keep track of all variables on the optimized Display panel.  Spiral, roll, ping-pong,  vinyl brake, slip-roll, and Helix are some of the effects.

With its separate send/return, 4x by where inputs and 2 Usb, it has much more versatility, allowing users greater control over their preferred configuration. It has a link connection that gives up to four players the added chance to connect and sharing one source.


  • Premium commodity of 64-bit standard.
  • Extensive board controls for filters and effects.
  • Other DJs can be connected to
  • You can add echoes to vocals, quintuple rhythms with the click of a button, and this is a very simple gui. The connection role ensures that you and your mates will interact in real-time.


  • Hardly to say some cons about this incredible mixer.

DJM-S9 2-Kanal Battlemixer für Serato
  • - Built-in stereo 3 bands (+ 6 dB to -8db)
  • - Fully MIDI compatible

Our premium choice is the DJM-S9.It's specifically built for  DJ users and integrates seamlessly as a MIDI control via USB with such a software. You can completely delegate the keys, customize the 6 FX keys, Magvel Pro and pads crossfader to create custom device configurations. You can also change the curve and reversed settings along with complete access to monitor the operational load.

They are a versatile way to brighten up a set and the Pioneer DJM-S9 pads monitor slicing, rolling, looping,  and hot signals. Every DJ enjoys exposure to pads. For more advanced users, as a convenient remote trigger, the patches could be assigned to different Serato functions. Only with an EL monitor, it's simple to keep pace with current state, the colors can be changed to match Serato features as an extra reference point.

 A perfect way to access the default beat FX are the "Pro FX"and  "Beat FX" keys. But, for customized FX setups, there are indeed 2 extra storage banks that can be quickly accessed mostly on fly. In other FX, along with: pitch,  noise,  echo,  and dub , the "Filter FX" dial enables the DJ to select.

We notice no distortion mostly on mic input as well as the clip monitor used to track the peak levels. It is a high quality 2 channel mixer. The Melodic App has been included and this program is an excellent way of developing the technique of fingers drumming.


  • Serato users say that this mixer combines with their DJ apps seamlessly.
  • To build custom controller configurations, the controllers are completely assignable.
  • The pads are well designed and add a lot of value to them.


  • That's not the cheapest point of entry for absolute beginners, as a professional 2 channel mixer

  • Pioneer DJM-450 2-Channel DJ Mixer with Beat FX
  • Pioneer DJM-450 2-Channel DJ Mixer with Beat FX

To get some of the features available, the Pioneer DJM-450 has received a recent update. This is on the best 2-channel mixer  list for digital and analogue outlets with elevated 64 bit data audio. 

The mixer does have a neat and professional interface which will be intuitively understood by beginners and seasoned DJs. A heavy duty fader offers proper control of the EQ and an isolator is available to cancel a whole EQ band if required.

If you'd like to integrate turntables into the mix and monitor your vinyl, this is a fantastic mixer. They are: echo, flange, delay, trans,  roll, reverb, spiral and pitch. There are 8 built-in Fx. A separate send/return service is available so that you'll need the built-in FX opposite your favorite inboard FX modules.

Our editor's pick is the DJM-450, since it provides a great business model for DJs. There have been plenty of connections, which include: an XLR and 1⁄4' line in, a pair of headset outputs, two Usb, an XLR and RCA master output, three RCA connections, a mic and AUX input,  and a couple of ports at the phono/line level. This mixer kit is rounded off with a software license to get you up to speed quickly.


  • Many users have recorded the excellent audio quality of this mixer
  • This is an excellent way to have your hands on much
  • There are several ties that make it a versatile piece of gear.


  • Absolute rookies may would first like to attempt a more simple unit

Mixars 140101007"DUO mkII-2ch" Pro Serato DJ Mixer Black
  • 2-channel battle style mixer designed for Serato DJ
  • Pro-X Fade Galileo Essential Crossfader + curve adjustment for precise cuts

The Mixars DUO MKII is built to work with the famous DJ program from Serato. bThis is an updated version with some innovative new features of the best  2- channel mixer. In a partnership with business superstars Pro X Fade, the latest Japanese-made Critical crossfader was developed for this mixer. To enable super accurate cuts for slashing, this crossfader incorporates the very latest permeable plastic technologies.

Many of the resources you would anticipate are present and right, such as: 8RGB backlit pads, selection move encoder and a centralized browsing, a couple of looping task push audio codecs as well as another pair of FXs and beat synchronization push encoders. 

Your trigger points,one shot samples, rolls,  and loops are triggered by the 8 RGB plates. In a customized configuration, the colours can be changed for visual input to make management easier in a club environment.

The Mixars MKII has a Mac school market trend sound card, but ASIO drives need to be used by Windows users. MIDI can be allocated to every one of the preview pane controls, so that the DJ can quickly produce their own custom output surfaces.


  • This 2- channel mixer is intended for Serato.
  • Users have indicated that the high performance portion of the Galileo crossfader is great.  
  • MIDI modifiable controls or RGB pads could be used to quickly build custom configurations


  • The lack of pre fader FX skipped one person.

This device is designed specifically, as the title would indicate, to work with the excellent Traktor DJ program. In contrast to other mixers on the list, this may seem a costly choice at a glance, but it included a complete version of Traktor Pro 2. This app is a digital record device that is roughly comparable to Serato DJ, allowing users to scratch the vinyl and CDs for accurate timecoding.

The device "Macro FX" offers the DJ about 30 elevated FXs to be used on the fly. Those FX are simple to monitor through an effective talent of precise RGB buttons and knobs. 

The 2-channel mixer's chassis is made of aluminum and the triple Innofaders are parts of excellent quality. A set beyond many other mixers mostly on market is the 25-bit/47kHz sound card, so there's plenty of compatibility.

The Native Instruments Kontrol Z2 is a no-brainer for DJs who want a standalone device to power the Traktor digital system. An impressive package of software was included with Native Equipment and the learning curve is well worth the investment.


  • Some people thinks that the app for Traktor sounds much better than SeratoThe Innofaders are outstanding for scratching and cutting


  • This is a dynamic mixer with a big learning curve, several users have mentioned.

Next up is yet another remote option from Serato to the Pioneer goods intended for optimized use. It is another choice with 4 channels which has up-faders to monitor your desired curve changes smoothly.

It is a competitive price commodity and offers a good variety of options for input/output. It arrives with a 4-port Host device and also has 2 Microphone inputs, headphones, and a separate booth performance. 3 band redistribution rotary knobs have been allocated to each channel so each can be fully isolated or destroyed.


  • Compatible with Android.
  • Booth Dedicated Out.
  • Upfaders from the old school.
  • It offers a great alternative and is just as competent as reviewed by the widely praised DJMs


  • It might be not suitable for beginners

Omnitronic 10355922 Rotary DJ Mixer
  • ⭐️ Classic rotary mixer with 2 input channels and integrated 3-band frequency isolator for DJs
  • ⭐️ Gain control, 2-way equalizer (Highs/Lows) and phono/line switching per channel

Until recently, mostly at the best price possible are rotary mixers really accessible. There is no particular reason why inexpensive rotaries do not exist, but entrance and lane mixer manufacturers have preferred to stick to the more widely common straight-fader models. 

Rotary mixers really do have a cult following, but it seems that the recent revival of interest in the method has increased costs to the point that manufacturers are prepared to explore the market for cheaper rotary alternatives.

The TRM202 from Omnitronic is the overall market most accessible rotary mixer, first launched in 2015, then rapidly upgraded to the MK2 variant and then the new MK3. 

A very basic, bare-bones configuration is given by the 202: only two channels, each with its own 2-band EQ, plus a 3-band master sensor. It is undoubtedly simple, but at two to three times the price, that is the same method taken by options.

Although unspectacular, the audio quality is strong, but definitely on a par with other versions in a similar price. The TRM202 may not quite be able to emulate the elevated boutique rotaries' perfectly soft sound quality, but it provides almost much of the same ergonomics as far more advanced brands. It's a perfect alternative as an entry point for the rotary mixer.


  • 2-band EQ and plus a 3-band master sensor
  • Perfectly soft sound quality
  • Bare-bones configuration


  • LiIt might not be suitable for beginnersst Element

  • Pioneer DJM-250MK2 Number of channels: 2 channels.
  • Sample frequency: 48 kHz.

This function removes the need for these usually necessary software and hardware to capture and share the mixes. All you have to do is drop into the Usb port on an usb stick and you can record your combinations in no space with crystal-clear accuracy.

Beginners may criticize and refine their mixing strategies using the recording feature, whereas more experienced DJs will appreciate how simple it is to go right from mixing to uploading a version of the mix publicly.


  • Sound Power Quality
  • Perfect mixer for Musicians of all levels of ability and experience
  • All the way of killing, EQ decreases


  • No booth control
  • While you can scratch with this mixer, you won’t get the same flexibility of sounds that you’ll get with other scratch mixers

Your best 2 channel mixer choice is determined to a certain degree by your DJing style. Rotary mixers allow longer, slower mixes and smoother, organic transitions among tracks, whereas straight-fader versions equipped with crossfader apply themselves as much to cuts, faster mixes and chops cratch DJs have arguably the most specific specifications at the high end of the scale, requiring a hyper, super crossfader and usually a much simpler approach elsewhere.

For a few decades already, devoted scratch mixers have always been around, and the recipe is well-defined. The KUT of Reloop is visually equivalent to the classic 90's Vestax scratch mixers, which is definitely a classic example of "if it's not broken, don't fix it." With variable crossfader profiles and 'hamster' reverse turn as you would expect on a scrape mixer, the 2-channel architecture is based around with a – anti innoFADER for longevity.

The KUT goes deeper, with an integrated USB made inroads for digital record systems, constructed effects and customizable channel fader circles, to prove that it is still possible to evolve when sticking to the classic style. It's a flexible setup for just about any scratch Mixer, which would have been our first recommendation.


  • Faster mixes and chops
  • Solid durability
  • The classic style with flexible set up


  • A little bit heavy than other types

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3
  • Play Anywhere 2-channel DJ System
  • Includes Traktor Pro 3

This one makes a perfect DJ mixer for a wonderful, touch-sensitive, professional level 4 channel/4 board. It is designed really well and supports all types of audio. It has 2 vivid full-color screens and offers the workflow an advanced and easy, hands-on solution to communicate with it.

With the 3 modes, players can slice, beat-jump, and rearrange for fast live remixing. Basic hot signal, flux phase to juggle the signals and retain the location of the track, bend notices and more. Or use frozen to capture an image of a sports field for performance reconfiguration on the hit. In total, 16 color-coded pads exist.


  • Four channels.
  • Integration of seamless applications.
  • It is looking for a wonderful choice of 4 channels and again includes free software which tracks for you instantly.


  • It needs a little time to get used to this mixer.

Allen & Heath XONE:23 2-Plus-2 Channel DJ Mixer
  • 2+2 channels with dual phono/line inputs
  • VCF Filter system: low pass and high pass filters plus frequency and resonance controls

Comparing  the form of A&H's  Xone:23 is fascinating. The Xone:23 drops in at about 15 percent of the flagship device price, so it needs to be noted that we don't expect all of the bells and chirps to be significant here, but for newcomers it's a really good choice.

The 23 is a 2+2 model, meaning this has 2 channels, each with its own arrivals and line insight, both of which would run simultaneously through the platform (In contrast to most mixers, which push you to choose between two inputs). The practical uses of this are obviously minimal, but for inter mixes, external sound changeovers or sources, it adds an excellent degree of flexibility.

Each site has a 3-band EQ, while an excellent time filter is also available, which can be allocated to either platform (both simultaneously). It's obviously a much simpler thing than using the flagship device, however there are  new hints of the same DNA that can be found. In comparison to 96, the EQ is lacking a band, but it's still tidy and musical. 

The 23 is just a really good all-round producer, with a pulled feature set which provides all the basic combining you really need. As an economical manner into the world of A & H, it is ideal.


  • Simple to use and install
  • Good quality material
  • Excellent way to put your hands on.


  • It lacks beat pads and library scroll

  • High performance 2-channel scratch DJ mixer
  • Integrated premium quality contactless Mini innoFADER as the crossfader

DJTECH totally knocked out of the ballpark with the DIF1S Mixer. Over and over again, we hear that such a mixer is a dream for DJs who wanted to knock and scratch, so we couldn't leave it off the best 2-channel DJ mixer list below.

This mixer is suitable for turntablists searching for a simple mixer of studio-quality sound at a certain experience level. With both actual DVS and vinyl, the DIF1S functions great. Will not let you be fooled by the starting price. DJs with decades of work expertise have said that, when opposed to other, more powerful, 2-channel mixers, the DIF1S keeps its own. It is worthy.

 We might spend hours attempting to convince you that the DIF1 Scratch Mixer is amazing, but it would be better to express everyone just that. Only check out some videos!


  • DVS mode makes it quite easy to swap between actual DVS  and vinyl
  • This mixer is quick and operates out from the box really well.
  • Quality sound in studio


  • The fact  is that you may not have the option of hearing master performance through your headphone will be our only complaint.

Numark M2 - 2-Channel Scratch DJ Mixer, Rack Mountable with 3-Band EQ, Club-Ready Inputs, Microphone Input and Replaceable Crossfader with Reverse and Slope Controls
  • Versatile, Feature Packed DJ Mixer for Beginners and Pros Alike – Two-channel DJ scratch mixer featuring must-have mix essentials for any DJ setting, from weddings to clubs, parties to practice setups
  • Connectivity Covered – Two phono/line switchable (RCA), two line (RCA) and mic (1/4-inch) inputs, plus master (RCA), record (RCA) and headphone (1/4-inch stereo) Outputs

The next best 2 channel mixer is just the Numark M2 as it provides a great deal of versatility. Made of solid metal, the mixer chassis makes it roadworthy and sturdy for DJs mostly on road. In order to change frequencies in near real - time, each channel get a 3 band and the crossfader peaceful life and strong. For new DJs, the quality product makes it an excellent option and it will be an exceptional backup mixer for just a pro.

For excellent quality scratching on even a smaller budget, this is a perfect DJ mixer and it's free to replace between acoustic signals. The line inputs could be switched so that the CD player, turntables and mp3 player can be used and the sound quality is superb. RCA connectors as well as a 1⁄4" stereo headphone connection are the 2 independent outputs.

It's rare to get a high quality piece with audio gear that really is robust at this price. This mixer is the exception, while in terms of characteristics it may be basic, it is a solid rock option. The Numark M2 should really be given some serious thought by any new DJ searching for that first mixer or even more seasoned consumer wanting a second device.


  • Users have mentioned that this is a simple mixer which is well designed.
  • This renders the price reduction a perfect mixer for a fresh DJ or even as a backup device.


  • One user stated after a year of usage, the crossfader started to "bleed" sound, but they updated to the Innofader as well as this Numark M2 was even stronger than before.

Numark M101 - 2-Channel DJ Mixer, Rack Mountable with 2-Band EQ, Microphone Input and Replaceable Crossfader
  • Versatile, Feature Packed – Two-channel all-purpose DJ mixer featuring must-have mix essentials for any DJ setting from weddings to clubs, parties to practice setups
  • Connectivity Covered – Two phono (RCA), two-line (RCA) and mic (1/4-Inch) inputs, plus master (RCA) and headphone (1/4-Inch stereo) outputs

As simple as a DJ mix gets, the M101 is from, and that's nothing to become ashamed of. Somewhere, all have to start, so there is a very decent possibility that your favorite DJ has learnt to mix with something really similar. 

There's been similar 2-channel mixers for decades, and Numark is one of the reputable companies that has been producing strong entry-level mixers since before the 80s.

It's hard to get into a great deal of depth for such a basic mixer. There are 2 channels with 2-band EQ, each range of vehicles between line or phono inputs. 

There's now a crossfader, a headphone output, a mic input,  and that's all there is to it. A built-in USB input device is the one compromise to modernity, enabling you to record through the output to a device or take a video track to channel 2.

It's strong, it sounds fresh and the job is done. We have absolutely no reservations as a first DJ mixer-it is a reasonably satisfactory starting point when you're on a limited income.


  • Liable warranty
  • Basic mixer for entry- level
  • Simple to use and assemble


  • The sound quality can not reach the highest point

Behringer 1002 10 Input 2 Bus Mixer
  • Premium ultra low-noise, high headroom analog mixer
  • Two state-of-the-art xenyx mic preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps

By using this amazing DJ mixer, make your lives awesome. Vibration music is produced by the mixer, which keeps the songs fascinating. The item is simple to use and is suitable for beginners.

When combining your choice tracks, the product does have a special technology. It has a robust and expendable Ultraglide crossfader. For ease of control, the reproductive performance noiseless audio and has customizable knobs. Input data for turntables and Record players are given by the mixer.


  • To filter audio, it has 3-band limiters to
  • The mixer creates audio-free noise,
  • For simple control, the material has two usb inputs


  • The non- optimal design and set up for modern demand as today.

Gemini MM1 2-Channel Compact DJ Mixer
  • Channels: 2
  • Power Supply/Mains Input Type: Figure 8

This tiny product from Gemini is the most unique product on the list, that's about as minimalist as a DJ mixer could get. The MM1 is a small 2 -channel amazingly designed that provides nothing more than a minimum of parallel EQ complex way, mic input, a crossfader,  and headphone outputs.

Clearly, by any stretch of imagination, it is not a fully-featured DJ mixer, and the extra cost of the Numark would be justified as often as not for more traditional use cases.

We may, however, imagine different situations where the mini Gemini might be helpful, whether it is to build a tiny mobile DJ setup (maybe permanently attached to a DJ software that runs phone or tablet) or make an extra channel to an established DJ mixer (plug the 2 sound sources into the MM1 as well as the output of  into the line of the mixer).

Only a novelty? Probably. But a very advantageous one just the same.


  • The tiny and portable size
  • Suitable for traditional cases
  • Solid set up inside


  • It lacks modern sounds

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2-Channel mixer is the starting point in this group. It has channel filters that are independent and generate a special texture.

The mixer has a constructed sound card which, with a simple USB cable, links to your  Laptop Mac or. It is compatible with 32 and 64-bit computers and has 4 GB of RAM and 5 GB of hard disk space. For premium sound quality, the product has an XLR cable link.

The fact that the DJM-S3 comes with multiple colored cue keys and a Serato logo makes it difficult to skim over.   However, the latter 250 is only a mixer record box, while this is " DVS Enabled and Serato DJ " that I take to be poorly disguised code for "will also work fine with record box."

So it needs to be noted that it's a decent mixer for an entry-level Serato DJ mixer and a fantastic price point for that too. For each successive Serato DJ 2- channel mixer release, it eschews the constant frippery which seems to be clued and instead provides only the basics in a Plug’n’Play package.

What a great choice!


  • For effortless scratching, the product does have maglev bridge
  • It has enough space to store
  • The high-quality sound performance


  • It lacks beat pads and library scroll

best 2 channel mixer: Buying Guideline

Inputs and Outputs

best 2 channel mixer

Two input cables can be combined using level controls and, in most situations, a crossfader can provide the most common form of 2- channel mixer. As well as an addressable 'cue' headphones output, the resulting audio would then be transmitted to the facing major, enabling users to hear a song without being mixed into the main blend. However, many mixers provide more than that; four or even more channels of input are popular on relatively high mixers, and so are the mic inputs, loops of effects, and booth output.

But when finding the best 2-channel mixer for you, what is the number of ins and outs would you really need? More I/O, generally speaking, means greater versatility but more future-proofing. You may consider that two systems are adequate for now when you're a novice DJ, and you may reach a time in the future in which you'd like to make a fourth or third deck get even more creative. Those who want to play marriages and commercial roles would also want mic reviews. And from the other hand, DJs expected to challenge wider clubs are likely to require a booth show.

Additional ins and outs wouldn't come free, however, but if you're sure you won't need to do more than combine records from two cassettes or CDJs, then the job could well be done by a basic 2-channel mixer. For scrap DJs and turntablists, which appear to prefer the 'fight mixer' style, this is especially the case. These generally stick with two channels, but accumulate additional output characteristics and emphasize quality crossfader and faders in addition.


best 2 channel mixer

At least a handful of DJ blenders have some type of channel EQ and a reduced filter in many instances. Relatively high mixers, like rhythmic pauses or gates or stuff like phasers, convolution reverb, and even one-shot FX, often typically provide additional effects. Although none of these are exclusively important for DJs, the more instruments you have available, the more innovative you can be. An internal effect loop allows DJs to attach pedals or computer effects into their configuration for extra customization. 

Compatibility with Digital

DJs seem to be somewhat fixed in their ways, despite electronic dance music being, in very many respects, aware of innovation growth. As such, in favor of a conventional 'two decks as well as a mixer' setup, most prefer to shun the entire domain of' digital '.

However, there is no denying the fact that perhaps the march of change is going into the digital world, so it's not a bad thing to have something of compatibility. Digital connectivity in the mixer industry varies from USB ports that enable audio to/from a device to be streamed to complete controller implementation with DJ apps such as Serato, and Traktor.

Many mixers are one of the major digital vinyl systems built into the following software tools that are set up for using them. These enable users to be using 'actual' hardware to monitor software decks, using a vinyl audio input system or CDs. For those who want a traditional hands-on feel as well as the ease of digital DJing, it can be a fantastic bridge.

best 2 channel mixer

What is the best 2 channel mixer?

Crowning the ultimate 'best 2 channel mixer' is a challenging task. Most of what determines a mixer good or bad is due to personal choice, including the sound of EQs, effects, and filters, and the specifications of the unique setup of the user. Said that, though the recently redesigned Xone:96 from Allen & Heath is a truly classy, elevated mixer, and it looks made for years of versatility and reliability while it was still pretty early days.

Pioneer DJ's Nexus selection, on the other hand, is 'industry standard,' especially in European clubs, even with the flagship 900NXS2 you can't go far wrong. If a major draw is imaginative performance effects, this is definitely the way to really go.

Some 2- channel mixers are pure class, with something a little unique. This DJ gear style won't match everyone, but several pro DJs are sworn by rotaries, and for a valid reason, it's better suited to classic party and techno heads.

After this, if you're looking for a budget 2-channel mixer, it's worth a look at the conclusion table. This is a little dated and missing across the front of the effects, but it maintains a bit of a deal for a rough, four-channel plodder.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best 2 Channel Mixer

Thanks for reading this 2021 best 2 channel mixer post. There's a wide variety of mixers from a variety of different brands, as you'll see. Many of them are full of extra features, as well as a lot of these come equipped with a copy of the related apps. Choosing one mixer as 'The Beast' will not be fair to us because it really is a personal option. They have very positive points along with a selection of budgets that fits them. Whatever one you are drawn to, rest assured, neither its consistency, usability, or efficiency will disappoint you.


best 2 channel mixers for beat production

Pioneer DJ, 4 DJ Mixer (DJM900NXS2)
  • Take your performance to new heights with the DJM-900NXS2, which features our first ever 64-bit mixing processor for a warmer, more nuanced sound. We’ve fine-tuned the EQ and fader Curves and Enhanced the FX controls to give you even more creative choice. Plus the versatile DJM-900NXS2 has an independent send/return, 4 phono inputs and 2 USB ports – giving you flexibility to set it up your way


best 2 channel mixers for high performance of tracks

DJM-S9 2-Kanal Battlemixer für Serato
  • - Built-in stereo 3 bands (+ 6 dB to -8db)
  • - Fully MIDI compatible


best 2 channel mixers for your party

  • Pioneer DJM-450 2-Channel DJ Mixer with Beat FX
  • Pioneer DJM-450 2-Channel DJ Mixer with Beat FX


best 2 channel mixers for beginners

Mixars 140101007"DUO mkII-2ch" Pro Serato DJ Mixer Black
  • 2-channel battle style mixer designed for Serato DJ
  • Pro-X Fade Galileo Essential Crossfader + curve adjustment for precise cuts


best 2 channel mixers for beat production

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