13 Best Subwoofer Uk Reviews 2021: Which One Is The Perfect Choice For You!

Not only do all war films and ballroom staples depend on bass sounding the best, but shorter wavelengths can also produce more nuanced scenes and songs with suspense and suspense. The easiest way to do that is always to have a single bass sound. Please read about our selection of the best subwoofer Uk and think about home cinematography at this time when you can need it most.

We hope our post can give you more information so that you can easily choose the right one for you.

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Bestseller No. 1
SVS SB1000 Pro Subwoofer Black Ash
  • 325 Watts RMS and 820+ Watts Peak Power Sledge STA-325D Amplifier combines massive high current output of discrete MOSFETs with Class D efficiency. Boasting vanishingly low distortion the unique design unleashes nearly limitless on-demand power while maintaining driver control
  • High-Excursion 12-inch SVS Subwoofer Driver features dual ferrite magnet motor assembly with long-throw parabolic surround for extreme excursion that delivers massive output with finesse and accuracy even at the most intense listening levels
SaleBestseller No. 3
Logitech Z533 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer, Powerful Sound, 120 Watts Peak Power, Booming Bass, 3.5mm Audio and RCA Inputs, UK Plug, PC/PS4/Xbox/TV/Smartphone/Tablet/Music Player
  • Powerful Sound : This multimedia speaker system delivers 120 W (60 W of RMS power) of powerful yet balanced acoustics - produced by 2.25 Inch (6.4 cm) full-range drivers designed with sound directivity to completely fill a room
  • Rich Bass : Experience rich, dynamic bass from this multimedia mini-speaker system and its 30 Watt front-facing subwoofer that immerses you in your music, movies or games - so you can hear and feel every detail
SaleBestseller No. 4
Trust Gaming GXT 629 Tytan RGB 2.1 PC Gaming Speaker System with Subwoofer, UK Plug, LED Illuminated RGB, Black
  • STEP UP YOUR GAME – With 120W of peak power (60W RMS) the Trust Tytan 2.1 speaker set will truly help you to step up your game. Improve the audio of your preferred device with booming sound
  • UNIVERSAL – The speaker uses a 3.5mm AUX cable, which means you can use it on any laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone with the same connection. Even your TV will get a tremendous upgrade
Bestseller No. 5
Trust Gaming GXT 38 Tytan 2.1 PC Gaming Speaker System with Subwoofer for Computer and Laptop, 120 W, UK Plug, Black/Red
  • 2.1 speaker set including wooden subwoofer with a total RMS power output of 60 W (120 W peak power)
  • High quality sound with deep bass
Bestseller No. 6
Trust Tytan 2.1 PC Speaker System with Subwoofer for Computer and Laptop, 120 W, UK Plug, Black
  • 120 W speaker set with big wooden subwoofer
  • High quality sound with deep bass
Bestseller No. 7
Power Cable UK 3PIN Plug to Right Angled 90 Degree IEC C7 Figure 8 Cord for Samsung Philips Toshiba LG Sony Sharp Panasonic LED Flat TV PS3 PS4 Printer Sky box, Sky Plus+ HD Box (1m)
  • UK Mains Plug to IEC C7 Figure 8 Connector Socket.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH - LED LCD Smart TV Monitor Samsung, Lg Sharp; Canon Pixma, Hp Brother Lexmark, Ps2, Ps3 Slim, Ps4; Dell Sony Asus Gateway Toshiba Laptop, Printer, Scanner, Game Console,
Bestseller No. 8
Logitech Z333 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer, Rich Bold Sound, 80 Watts Peak Power, Strong Bass, 3.5mm Audio and RCA Inputs, UK Plug, PC/PS4/Xbox/TV/Smartphone/Tablet/Music Player, Black
  • Experience Sound : Loud, deep, clear sound for your music, movies and games, the Z333 wired multimedia speakers deliver 80W peak power and 40W RMS sustained power
  • Intense Bass : Experience deep, detailed sound with the subwoofer and large 5-Inch front-firing driver that comes in this multimedia speaker set up, adding intensity to whatever you're listening to - with a control panel on the back
Bestseller No. 9
Logitech Z150 Compact Multimedia Stereo Speakers, 3.5mm Audio Input, Integrated Controls, Headphone Jack, UK Plug, Computer/Smartphone/Tablet/Music Player - Midnight Black
  • Stereo Sound: The 2 x 2” (5-cm) drivers deliver 3 watts of clear-quality stereo acoustic sound
  • Compatible Audio Inputs: You can use the 3.5 mm audio input and an auxiliary line cable to play audio content from your PC, Mac or other devices simultaneously
Bestseller No. 10
Logitech Z333 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer, EU PLUG, Rich Bold Sound, 80 Watts Peak Power, Strong Bass, 3.5mm Audio and RCA Inputs, PC/PS4/Xbox/TV/Smartphone/Tablet/Music Player
  • Experience Sound : Loud, deep, clear sound for your music, movies and games, the Z333 wired multimedia speakers deliver 80W peak power and 40W RMS sustained power
  • Intense Bass : Experience deep, detailed sound with the subwoofer and large 5-Inch front-firing driver that comes in this multimedia speaker set up, adding intensity to whatever you're listening to - with a control panel on the back

Top Best Subwoofer Uk Reviews 2021

SVS SB16 Ultra Subwoofer Gloss Black
  • Control via free app, available from the Appstore or Google Play
  • Unrivalled low frequency extension

Because Sb16-Ultra has some of the same characteristics as that of the PB16-Ultra, in our PB16-Ultra summary, We'll guide you to that article and take time to address the distinctions in this layout summary.  The classy representation of the same 1600watt D-class wind amplification with the same configuration and handset program.

The key difference between the PB16-Ultras is its screened architecture. The deeper legroom of ported models like the pb16-ultras, but the inserting size must inevitably be considerably larger. 

Port production is highly effective but needs more room in the lab to operate effectively. In low frequency, the greatest contribution from port output appears to be a small band. Many willing to abandon lower frequencies production can still achieve very great performance across much of the stereo coverage area from a sealable bag but over a far smaller box.

SVS would seem to react to a query about how much strength, volume, and innovation can accommodate in a 21" cube, according to the development model of the SB16-Ultra. The cabinet is powerful, such as the PB16-Ultras, like a stone for trite use. It literally looks very much like a tiny snowball in its strength ratio.

Of the 122 pounds of the SB16-Ultra, the driver is 64 pounds, meaning that perhaps the amplifier and storage weigh a heavy 59 lbs. Except for the front nozzle, which is 2.1" wide, the case panel is 1.2" dense all over. Moreover, it is the best subwoofer Uk in 2020.


  • Excellent low efficiency for its volume enclosed build
  • Minimal distortion
  • Wonderful drawer and build
  • Quite a flexible answer to frequency
  • Highly safe from overdriving


  • Really noisy 
  • The negative effect over SB13-Ultra has not markedly increased

SVS SB3000 Subwoofer Black Ash
  • SVS sb-3000 subwoofer with 13 inch driver
  • 800 watts RMS and 2500 watts peak power sledge amplification

A high pitched company, the SVS 3000 Collection, is the new subwoofer collection. First added to the hallmark 16-Ultras line, it uses technologies and is designed across the latest 14-inch elevated driver. The latest ICI, review computer and an outstanding remote framework are now available for 801W Slider enhancement. The selection consists of the screened system SVS SB-3000 and the wide wired version PB-3000 SVS.

SVS has planned the 3 thousand range to have an output standard that is more accessible for the 4 thousand series. For the black anodized edition of the SB-3000 and the anodized finish of the glossy keyboard, the PB-3000 charges a lot of money and just black anodized ash. 

The business is obviously proud of the new acquisitions and promises an accomplishment which is like 'the hand of the steel in a suit of silk.' This is a bold assertion, then let's see how a kick-off punch is possible with SB-3000.

The SVS SB-3000 is built with a minimum footprint to produce maximum sound. The lightweight, enclosed cabinet features 2 times thickness MDF forward bump and sturdy bracing to protect the new 12-inch high-speed driver's melodically inert output. Considering the driver's height, the SB-3000 is exceptionally thin, but the layout doesn't vary much from the regular cube. 

The sonde's thick metal fenders were the SVS style touch we get without. Fortunately, it can be removed with bolts attached to the forecastle. The grille may be defensive, but we think it's hideous,  give us classic black leather any day.


  • Excellent results in the bass
  • Small distortion
  • Remote device Efficient
  • Flexible design and monitor
  • Quite well prepared
  • Comparatively small scale 


  • Basic Linkages

The Klipsch SPL Collection provides excellent finishes and trivial features in favor of big motors, big speakers, and large slot portable boxes to produce maximized bass value for money. The pinnacle examined here arrives at a gigantic half a meter or longer in all dimensions, and the construction of the 15-inch driver does not apologize for its outstanding color finish. It's going to be seen.

This is the biggest 'caramel' driver from Klipsch with such a lengthy spiral and plastic bulbous rolling surrounding. We have been informed the cones is surprisingly light but very strong and has an extraordinary LF answer and incredibly low vibration – but I still have some other definition of a subwoofer operator. 

If the finishing of metal oxides is enticing, you could control it with a provided roofline if the appearance proves plenty for your aesthetic tastes. The metal posts are on the wardrobe but not on the fender, and it is a little strange unless the fenders are not equipped.The armchair is a brick building cube in onyx rift sawn oak with a led flash rhythm port tube, instead of a typical balanced tube. 

A hole port may decrease tube burbling, and front terminals facilitate a stereo 's positioningsystem's positioning at the angles or near a door frame. The explanation why few subwoofer producers opt for slot portability is that it is more difficult to adapt to some levels,, and the induction program area will lead to some boom and flower deep.


  • Bass twitch for the versatility of positioning by Exclusive led flash Inner Flare Port
  • Audio system for 400Watt RMS and 800Watt Peak High-Performance Class D
  • Ebony quality immune scratching surface
  • Hard plastic foot jolt, metal grilled pillars, and a textile rim for a first-class design aesthetic


  • Quite costly

The release of DALI SUB E-12 F initiated a significant stage in this subwoofer category. The SUB-E-12 has a 12-inch woofer that moves lots of air with energy and accuracy. The cylinder is made of pure aluminum to achieve optimal rigidity and outer appearance. 

Besides, a huge 4-layer long-run voice spindle is used for the heavy magnetic device. All in all, this "motor system heavy "'s duty capability ensures that the woofer still holds the pulse of the amplification!

The 170Watt RMS Class D amplification with a very appropriate indicator is at the core of this stereo system. It is essentially a different frequency expansion for your AD device by adding the iconic DALI label. The effect is an efficient, particularly poorly replication with your monitors and faultless incorporation. Moreover, the integrated limit or helps to avoid overworking of your subwoofer.

The SUB E-12 F's rear layer is fitted with the volume change, mode, and lower cutting frequency sensors, whereas the transceiver system functions dynamically on/off energy. And this stereo amplifier easily supports any AV schedule with LFT or Results related options. 

The cabinet adequate precision to the woofer's volume but does not overlook the appropriate qualitative necessary to power a good bass output.


  • Basic Aluminum.
  • Elect And Architecture Simple
  • Amplification Year High
  • Interconnection Versatile


  • Quite expensive

Earthquake Sound MiniMe 10" Powered Subwoofer with Passive Radiator
  • Earthquake Evolved Class D amplifier
  • 10" Earthquake xtra long-throw unit

Sound is made of amps, monitors, and sound systems. As for their website address, they are both powerful. Over the decades, I have tested a few of these earthquake-prone objects, all of which met the criteria I keep. With its physical beauty, the MiniMe DSP P12 plans to maintain these expectations.

An operational surround sound system has a boost converter in the subwoofer cavity by design. An internal voltage regulator is necessary for driving in a passive stereo system without its own control amplifying box. However, wherever the subwoofer boost converter is, it must only be available at levels suitable for the audio system driver.

This implies that the output requires DSP or effective elements (inductor, condenser, resistance, or mixture) to be transmitted to a subwoofer signal generator with a low-fit frequency range. The effective subwoofer may have the inductance, condenser, and transformer between both the signal generator and the operator in some instances. There is just no distinction other than that. The benefit of sensitive sound systems is that a wide group of users can be coordinated.


  • Beautiful portable tone
  • Many characteristics
  • DSP is working
  • Affordable


  • Reinterpretation of the mechanical stage

Q Acoustics Q B12 Subwoofer (Carbon Black)
  • Q B12’s sealed, ‘infinite baffle’ cabinet is cleverly braced to deliver maximum stiffness to its motor system and, as a consequence, minimum influence on those deep bass sounds. Mechanical stability = aural satisfaction.
  • 12inch driver - A reinforced MDF cabinet with a 36mm-thick baffle, a recessed and hidden terminal panel.

Until you get your pocket to purchase a QB12 stereo system, there are three different stages: space, your expenditure, and your neighborhood. For when you're on the hunt for a larger Q Acoustics surrounding speakers kit or if you want to boost the low-end answer in your existing home theatre system, these are the only items that remain in your way.

It works with the Q Acoustics 3001i bundle – the surrounding bundles of the 3015i and 3055i, which just earned What Hi-Fi? Again that the distinctions – and the 5.1 voice set of the Definition. Improving leadership in a community is a major challenge, but the QB12 demonstrates that it takes exactly.

Be cautious when you take this monster 21.5kilograms out of the box. It's flawlessly constructed, with a sealed case, which makes bracing a bit less picky than a shipped design. The above cost allows you to end in right or wrong vinyl, like the 3000-speaker range, while matte models matching the design range are accessible for a discount  

Assimilation is, of course, essential, and Q Acoustics has progressed in that other area. We would rather have been included in the 3051i kit than the 3011i because the initial 3065S complements two pairs of stand-in monitors plenty enough, and that is the type of achievement that can comfortably be integrated into any reasonably skilled car stereo. 

They suggest going for something while you provide enough storage, plan, and closest people. Be happy from here on out to host pool parties. Maybe you don’t know, this device is rated as  the best subwoofer Uk this year.


  • Strong and potent
  • Do not lyrically force
  • Well built-in


  • Not conveniently housed

Rockford Fosgate Genuine 0780687328931 Subwoofers t1d212
  • Subwoofer competition range 12 30 cm
  • Competition aluminum chassis

This strategy is ideal for those who want additional electricity and would like to speak the foundation intelligibly. If you are a person who needs the sound to be thunderously bright, it is not really for you. You'll need your amplifier wisely so that you wouldn't destroy the headphones. 

But if you like the simple tone and want the atmosphere to enjoy, this is a great purchase.

The globe is a newspaper strengthened with Kevlar, which means that you can always achieve bulletproof efficiency. The Kevlar allows it possible for the cone to be punished even more efficiently. The voice bucket is made of copper-covered anodization aluminum that delivers the best output and heat evaporation. 

This is an open compared style Punch because it is an option for those who want to play the rhythm as the music's primary characteristic. Also this device is the best subwoofer for music

In the industry, other subwoofers just don't get the same stroke. Forgive the pun. Those were sturdy and designed for one purpose - the greatest available audio isolation. The produced audio is excellent. In contrast to competing models in which you need to trim up your volume to achieve reasonable results, you are most determined to retain the volume below the explosion. 

The energy portfolio is incredible due to the use of the VAST technology in connecting the speakers with the polymer.


  • Sturdy
  • Modern design
  • Light handle


  • You must properly examine the requirements before you choose

Q Acoustics 3060s Active Subwoofer (Carbon Black)
  • The 3060s delivers every nuance of an acoustic double bass or rumble of a cinematic explosion utilising a powerful 150watt amplifier partnered with a high performance 200mm driver
  • The Q 3060s is among the slimmest subwoofers available and fits discretely into any home cinema system, Wall mountable with an optional, dedicated wall bracket or can be floor mounted using rubber feet or the spikes provided .

If you are finding a subwoofer for music, this item may be right for you.Q Acoustics Active 3060S is a slender subwoofer, operated by a 20centimetres motor with a flexible 150Watt amplifier, wall attachable, or can be supported by latex foot or the supplied sparks with an available wall brace. 

This stereo amplifier is discreet or behind a compass opener with all the functions, and downside port interfaces are covered. A few of the skinniest subwoofers on the planet, but in instrumental recordings, after each subtle subtext of distortion and ale loud rumble of film explosions. 

All information has also been constructed from the cabinets box to the driver and the ground-breaking 'Concept' engineering. Q Acoustics focuses on an innovative powder room that retains the implicit acoustic cues, which allow a solid 3-dimensional small system for the cognitive cortex. 

Q Acoustics chooses to balance the elements and conduct comprehensive hearing tests on a gradual basis, but they do not undermine the sheer pleasure gained by the personal connection.The 3060Ss are available in a wide range of surfaces to suit your reading experience (Polymer Gray, Common Maple, Silicon Carbide, or Arctic Caucasian).

 The drivers have an elegant chrome-finished backlight circle and adjustable magnet microphone grills. At an extraordinary price that provides pure, clear signal output for movies and art, the 3065S offers the ideal sound scene.

The Q Acoustics Q B12 includes an extremely low-distortion 220Watt texas instrument TPA255 Class D transformer with a long-driving 11-inch driver with good precision and outstanding stability. It is the biggest and most successful stereo amplifier of Q Acoustics to date, with an effective compressor and a patented PurePath Ultra-HD technique to improve unnecessary distortion, which results in a tight yet solid tone.


  • Slim Construction
  • Out-standing technology
  • Lovely structure


  • Need a bigger house

Q Acoustics 3070s Active Subwoofer (Gloss Black)
  • The 3070S subwoofer perfectly complements all Q Acoustics 3000 and 2000i series stereo and center channel speakers. And of course; because it’s a Q Acoustics product, its twin, long throw, 6½ inch drive units and powerful 140watts rms amplifier, enable the 3070S subwoofer to beautifully reproduce the fast ‘twang’ of a double bass just as well as exciting movie soundtracks
  • Ported Enclosure Type, 2 x 170mm Bass Unit, 140W rms Amplified Power, 50Hz - 150Hz (var) Crossover Frequency

Two speakers are used in the Q ACOUSTICS 3070S stereo system. From the 17centimetres poles, you obtain 140W total power. 

The stereo amplifier contains a power electronic selector switch, enabling you to reduce the range for your listener configuration. The input impedance is normal between 55Hz and 155Hz.

You can begin to hear interference if you perform the sound origin below 55Hz. This error can be reduced by changing the rates. 

For anyone with space constraints, this could be the best value stereo amplifier in the UK. The package has a simple interface, just 20centimetres by 40centimetres and 42cm in height. It can be put in a tight position quickly. 

The triggers and indicators are on the coalition's side panel, like with most sound systems. It has a simple enabling and disabling switch and boost and interval knobs. Thank to all features above, this product is considered as the subwoofer uk that is a best-seller  in recent years.


  • Compressed and slim style
  • Speed change vector crossover
  • Bass monitors with a total tone


  • Does have a small range of carrier frequency

Echo Sub | Powerful subwoofer for your Echo—requires compatible Echo device and compatible music streaming service
  • Echo Sub delivers down-firing, 100W deep bass sound through a 6" woofer.
  • Pair with one Echo or Echo Plus (sold separately) to enjoy dynamic music that fills the room.

The Echo Sub isn't really valuable. Equipment may be good, but it has to be placed on the marketplace because the technology is too complicated and still more difficult to achieve. Furthermore, Amazon's Echo + (2nd Installment) intelligent monitors have more than enough sound under their own and do not need a stereo system on top.

Echo Sub is a lightweight stereo amplifier, specially developed to couple with Echo equipment that's compatible. The Echo Minus (2nd Gen) and Android Device (3rd Gen) have had the same design but in a bigger box. We will look at their effective implementation and audio quality to see whether it is really worth the investment cost.

Echo Sub is like a chubbier Echo Plus, enclosed in a hexagonal pattern by one of 3 textile color options. It can be made of carbon, gray holly, and basalt, made of black plastic on the left and right sides. A strong 6-inch down feeder and 100watt Class D amplifiers are included in the four-liter dredged chamber with an 8.4 inch and a length of 8 inches.

There's little more about it when it relates to appearances. There are no keys, speakers, or LED ring above, as opposed to Echoed Plus. There are a few plastic non-rubbing pads, mostly on the sides. The only connection for the circuit board is the tiny quarter-four somewhere above the circuit board, and the middle of the key contains a simple LED light.


  • Compressed 100Watt sound design
  • Compares clearly other existing Echo systems
  • It could be mixed with three 2.1 excellent sound Echo systems


  • Not sufficient for wide areas.
  • Only Wi-Fi framework connects the playback 
  • Should be combined with an Echo system compatible 
  • Sound system matching with Echo speakers not accessible

Cambridge Audio Minx X201 - subwoofers (Active, 36 - 200 Hz, 50 - 200 Hz, Black)
  • The smallest subwoofer we’ve ever made, but still packing 200 watts of power
  • Volume and Frequency controls – Tune X201’s sound to your space

Do not trick the Cambridge Minx X201 with its decreased size. A punch packed by this little stereo system! The Cambridge Audio Minx X201 offers a loud, roaring sound as the shortest stereo system on this list. Although the stereo amplifier is incredibly lightweight, Cambridge Audio has not forgotten the functionality. 

The Minx X201 provides users with total control over the back screen. The Cambridge Audio Minx X201 can be modified as required from step to the process of convergence. You have to admit that the device needs a lot of work – we've given them 4 days until we began researching properly – but when fully heated up, these little packets of Minx offer an extremely nice account of themselves.

The cohesion and cohesiveness of the sound-stage it provides and the seamless integration of transmitter and stereo are what really entertains Cambridge. 

The impacts are stable, the discourse, though it could expand somewhat more, appears discrete, and the Minx doesn't really scrutinize the information. 

Apart from that reasonable loss of size, however, there is a nuanced reluctance on show, which robs theme songs of a certain amount of enthusiasm and a very brash, coarse consistency, which can become a contact to be listened about over time.


  • Measurements
  • A fine combination of monitors with a sub
  • A good amount of precision


  • It sounds strongly tiny in size 
  • Dynamic combinations exasperated
  • Quadruple of wheat

Wharfedale Diamond SW150 Subwoofer (Walnut)
  • Line level high pass output
  • Variable low pass crossover slope adjustment and Variable phase adjustment

A 25centimetres cone wool cone and a power of 150 W is available on the Wharfedale SW150. This fits with the controllers and triggers on the plastic casing in a big wooden speaker case. 

You can change the convergence position from 36Hz to 84Hz in steps of 15Hz by using the detector control. It could be the best surround sound system of Great Britain's budget for those who would like more audio power.

The SW150 involves a modification of the magnitude and amplitude of the countries that have a different crossover. The trimmed frequency can be changed depending on your amplification frequency, which avoids any unwanted distortion. 

The SW150 Subwoofer enables you to disable all filters to monitor the range of frequencies of your transmitter or amplification. In general, the speaker provides precise bass noises and several choices for adjusting the response.


  • More sound level control
  • Energy 150 Ws
  • A beautiful box of wood speakers


  • Only a 35Hz answer at the bottom end is probable.

Yamaha NSSW050 Powered Subwoofer with 8 Driver - Black
  • New Twisted Flare Port contributes to clear and tight bass
  • Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II)

The Yamaha NSSW050 has a broad resonant frequency and a maximum audio capacity of 150 Ws. It has a 20centimetres cone timber housed in a small stylish case. 

The consumer innovativeness is 100 W, and the output is 50 W. The production of a medium and small room is somewhat smaller than other options but gives sufficient power.

In this subwoofer, Yamaha contains a range of its initial bass inventions, including the latest Twisted Port of Flare. Compared to a conventional port, the modern port produces a flowing air stream around the edges. This helps remove foreign noise and makes the frequencies clearer. You're getting tight, precise.

Advanced Yamaha Effective Actuator Engineering (YST) II also includes the NSSW050 stereo system. This state-of-the-art technology enhances microphone amplitude to make the low input impedance more precise. The answer frequency is 29 Hz to 201 Hz, smaller than most choices, making it the best value stereo amplifier in the United Kingdom.


  • The higher range of added responsibility
  • Simple, precise notes for bass
  • Lightweight, discrete positioning design
  • One of the cheapest subwoofer


  • Offers less control than other sound systems in the expenditure

Buying Guide: How To Pick The Best Subwoofer Uk

best subwoofer uk

It can be difficult to find a decent subwoofer, so here are few things to take into account:


The operator in a subwoofer generates the sound, so the type and shape of the generated sound effect. The most popular subwoofer is 12" which produces fantastic sound at reasonable prices. Accessible are 8" subwoofers with less storage and more affordable sounds even though the sound cannot be as good as 12" versions. Moreover, some are 15" larger, delivering outstanding basses but also space and substantially higher cost.

best subwoofer uk


Most subwoofers are operated by an internal amplification, so the power value should be tested to detect the stereo system's quality. The majority of the wattage measurements in RMS are 100-160 watts, and everything up to 501 watts creates fantastic sounds but the greater the cost!

best subwoofer uk

It can be difficult to find a decent subwoofer, so here are several things to take into account

Frequency Scope

 People will detect sound levels at about 25Hz, although our bodies will feel the vibration at about 10Hz and lower. The subwoofers should be about 30Hz, and the smaller the intensity level, the better the bottom sounds. The modern upsurge aims to hit approximately 25Hz, which is perfect for most people. Although some can touch less than 21Hz, it costs a good amount of money.


Here you can buy the most common subwoofer types: 

best subwoofer uk

  • Passive subwoofers: An external amplifier operates this form of a stereo system. It is not the most popular and needs more complicated installation on the remainder of the audio system. A stereo amplifier needs more energy than standard speakers making the connection to speaker terminals difficult. 
  • Driven subwoofer: This most common form of Subwoofer features relevant aspects that allow the operator to attach to the rest of the audio system much easier. You may also make more modifications, as most of them come with different settings.

Functions of nature

Ideally, the stereo amplifier should have the minimum possible power and noise characteristics. In this regard, engineers of major manufacturers use all kinds of tricks, including a contractual agreement of components within the box or using qualitative methods audio outputs including those from the JBL sequence.

best subwoofer uk

Standard of building

The next factor is the standard of building. For a subwoofer, which is, in reality, a system that continuously basses itself, the precision of fitting and how well modules are installed are important. However, building quality is often the target of secondary and third-class producers. To generate consistent tones without interruption, a good subwoofer must be firm as a rock. An apparatus of £500 is more probable.

Additional settings

Also notable are additional settings. In addition to the audio system and sound enhancement, subwoofer configurations under £500 seldom provide any settings. In most cases, that should be enough for home usage (even if you are 5percent of citizens with amazingly listening). However, in the professional studio, it will be quite difficult, if not impractical, to use the system with a minimal number of changes.

best subwoofer uk

Utilized materials

 The cheaper the stereo amplifier is, the more probable the box is made of inexpensive material and is thus more likely to break in high quantities. Versions of Bit more expensive are made from wood most frequently. Having said that, this does not mean you can actually say the differences between plastics and bamboo teak versions sounds. Yet cause enormous is much more comfortable with the contact and look a bit different.

If you want more details, check out this video:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Subwoofer Uk

Here you have it! From the many choices on the market, you can now pick your subwoofer. You have seen my top 13 best subwoofer, get a deep knowledge into a subwoofer, and have most frequently asked for answers. 

Check out our five best subwoofer Uk if you haven't got time below!


Best Subwoofer Uk for overall features

SVS SB16 Ultra Subwoofer Gloss Black
  • Control via free app, available from the Appstore or Google Play
  • Unrivalled low frequency extension


Best Subwoofer Uk for wireless use

SVS SB3000 Subwoofer Black Ash
  • SVS sb-3000 subwoofer with 13 inch driver
  • 800 watts RMS and 2500 watts peak power sledge amplification


Best Subwoofer Uk for high-end design


Best Subwoofer Uk for big party


Best Subwoofer Uk for budget

Earthquake Sound MiniMe 10" Powered Subwoofer with Passive Radiator
  • Earthquake Evolved Class D amplifier
  • 10" Earthquake xtra long-throw unit
  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about best subwoofer uk at the comment box below!

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