Top 11 Best Tom Mics Reviews In 2021 You Don’t Want To Miss

If you are an instrumentalist in general and a drummer in particular, you certainly know that besides your abilities and musical instruments, the tom mic is an essential factor in creating a great performance. Best tom mics not only brings vivid, quality and clear sound to the audience but also protects the player from headaches. However, on the current market, there are hundreds of types of tom mics with a wide variety of models, prices and obviously not all of them are good enough. As a result, you will be a little confused when choosing a tom mics for yourself.

In this article, for the purpose of removing your confusion, Ibiza Voice have reviewed in detail 11 best tom mics selected after researching and evaluating thoroughly a lot of items. We suggest you factors to consider when deciding to purchase a tom mics as well. In order not to have any regrets, you should take a moment of your precious time to read this article before making a final choice.

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Top 11 Best Tom Mics Reviews 2021

Sennheiser Pro Audio E604 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Microphone Kit, 3-Pack
  • Three microphones included in this package.
  • High sound level handling

The Sennheiser E604 is the best tom mic for live performance. It is a very small microphone measuring 59 mm in length and 33 mm in diameter at its widest. Unlike other items, it is always sold in sets of 3 items. Each new Sennheiser E604 comes with a MZH 604 drum clip. This drum clip attaches directly to the drum rim, so no equipment is required to position the microphone.

The maximum sound pressure level that the Sennheiser E604 can withstand is 160 dB. This is more than enough because almost no tom drums will actually be making sounds at such a level! Meanwhile, its frequency response is from 40 Hz to 18,000 Hz. The closer we place it to the drum, the more frequency response we get.

The directionality of the Sennheiser e604 is amazing. It is oriented to its intended blank and has the potential to reject undesirable elements. Thanks to this, sound reaches the audience as smooth and clear as possible.

On the other hand, the Sennheiser E604 offers great durability! The fiberglass body ensures no damage even if you use it continuously and at loud sound levels. It is impossible that the microphone will be broken by the drum bar hitting it!


  • Best for live performance
  • Good sound handling
  • Drum clamp is included
  • Great directionality
  • Excellent durability


  • Expensive

Electro-Voice RE320 Variable-D Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Microphone
  • A professional-grade dynamic microphone designed specifically for recording and sound reinforcement
  • Ideal for applications requiring extremely low noise and the best possible tonal and transient response

This is the best tom mic for applications requiring extremely low noise. It has a two-position frequency response contour switch which is the switch for the kick curve and the switch for the general curve. For the kick curve, its frequency response is from 30 Hz to18,000 Hz. Meanwhile, 45 Hz to 18,000 Hz is its frequency response to the general curve. These two frequency response levels relay different acoustic experiences.

The RE320 is equipped with a Variable-D proximity control that minimizes change of location, keeps sound in the right direction and avoids unwanted sounds. Additionally, the humbucking coil and pop filter prevent electromagnetic interference from sources near the microphone, creating a super sonic signal path without noise. Therefore, recording tom-tom sound took place extremely smoothly.

The RE320's unique Dual Personality switch creates two ideal microphones possible in one body. In those 2 microphones, one can deliver acoustics, electric instruments and acoustics with a lively but natural acoustic response.


  • Ultra low noise
  • Two frequency response switches
  • Dual Personality Switch produces two mics
  • Minimize interference


  • Expensive

Beyerdynamic M201 TG Classic Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone for all Instrumental Applications
  • Universal microphone with hypercardioid polar pattern and wide range of applications
  • Integrated hum-buck coil; low-mass moving coil transducer

The Beyerdynamic M201 is the best tom mic for beginners. It has a very elegant design, long and small enough for unobtrusive positioning. It responds almost flat at different volumes. Therefore, it is especially effective when the microphone must be placed at a long distance from the audio source. This is ideal for novices who do not know how to set mics to achieve the most stable sound quality.

The Beyerdynamic M201 has a unique structure including hypercardioid polar pattern that helps to minimize noise and minimize background noise during performances. Thanks to that, the sound emitted from it is of high quality, enough to compare with the quality of sound in the studio.

In addition, it is equipped with a "hum-buck" coil that eliminates the noise generated by the power supply when using a microphone near video monitors or other mains powered devices. Therefore, the sound becomes clearer.

Furthermore, the Beyerdynamic M201 is equipped with a storage bag to protect the mic when you're not in use and a microphone clamp so you can set up the mic while performing.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Elegant design
  • Noise is eliminated
  • Storage bag and mic clamp are included


  • Directionality is not appreciated

Aston Origin Microphone
  • Designed and Built in the UK
  • Built in Pop filter ; Built in Pop filter using the latest stainless steel mesh knit technology

This is the best tom mic for professional players. Its design and tone are completely different from the others. The sound from it is very clear, detailed and exaggerated without feeling too rough or forced. Since its tone is unlike most mic on the market, it will take some time to get used to. As you get used to it, you will realize that this is a 10-point-worthy tone.

The cardioid pattern of Aston Origin Microphone is very effective at eliminating background noise, better than any in its price range. It has two switches on the stainless steel housing, namely 10dB padding and an 80Hz low cut filter. Also, it is equipped with XLR connectivity on the underside of the microphone and microphone socket . These give you convenience during drum practice and performance.

Its dominant advantage is the easily noticeable microphone grille. No longer a traditional metal mesh and instead a knitted wire mesh that acts as a pop shield. This is a design that surprised everyone.

Instead of a regular shock-resistant mount, the microphone comes with a kind of shock-resistant mount built into the microphone housing and a clip integrated into the bottom of the microphone. It's also easier to use and set up than other tom microphones.


  • Suitable for professional drummers
  • Unique tonality
  • Luxurious design
  • The bracket is integrated in the mic cover
  • Little noisy


  • A bit heavy

Audio-Technica 20 Series AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Side Address Microphone
  • Large diaphragm for smooth, natural sound and low noise
  • High spl handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatchedversatility

The AT2035 is a very successful product from Audio-Technica. Also, it is the best tom mic for recording. It weighs 403g and is 170mm in length, with the widest point diameter of the body being 52mm. Its entire metal block is finished in satin black. Its frequency range is from 20Hz to 20,000Hz allow you perform as loud as possible

The AT2035 has a fixed cardioid pattern that can remove the majority of unwanted sounds and interference from electrical equipment while improving the isolation of the desired sound source.

Custom shock mount provides outstanding isolation. Besides, this tom mic comes with a custom damper, made of high strength plastic and an elastic suspension system, allowing you to increase or decrease the volume. These features will help it release the best quality sound, clear and super smooth, extremely suitable for recording.

The old AT2035 version has no padding. While it can withstand audio levels up to 148dB SPL equivalent to 1000Hz, switching in the padding will give you an extra 10dB and the new version has done just that.


  • Suitable for recording
  • Smooth and clear sound
  • Large frequency range


  • Shock mount uses friction only
  • Fragile carrying case

The Audix D6 Dynamic Microphone is a great mic whether for broadcast, studio, or even stage use, It is highly rated for both functionality and functionality. This is the reason why it is listed in the top of the best tom mics
This tom mics is capable of a wide frequency response ranging from 30 Hz to 15,000Hz. At the same time, it can capture sound with a pressure level above 144 dB SPL. Audix D6 is particularly well suited for long and low frequency response

Isolation and feedback control are a top priority for the manufacturer when making Audix D6. Therefore, the cardioid intake model is designed inside of the product. Besides, the microphone is supported by either a Very Low Mass diaphragm as well. Thanks to that, it can absorb and record extremely accurate and natural sounds.

The design of Audix D6 is also worth considering. Its entire body is made of aluminum and is covered with black anodized paint for the finishing touches. Due to its light weight and compactness, the Audix D6 is easily positioned on a desktop, mounted on a computer or attached to a microphone stand.


  • Suitable for many situations
  • Absorb natural and accurate sound
  • Compact design


  • Occasionally record noise

If you're looking for a tom mics to record or broadcast your performance, the RØDE Podcaster is a great choice. It will definitely convey all the wonderful drums you create. Its dynamic capsule is 28mm in length. This capsule is also equipped with a shock-absorbing device.

The RØDE Podcaster includes audiophile quality 18-bit resolution and 48,000Hz sampling converter. As a result, it smoothly handles all analogue to digital transitions internally. You absolutely don't need your computer's built-in audio controller for your audio transitions.

Although it is more suitable for studio use, you can still perform live with this tom mics. Except the noise handling isn’t good, it can still give you a great performance experience.


  • Ideal for recording or broadcasting
  • Direct connection with computer
  • Smooth converting


  • Handling noise is not good

Shure PG ALTA Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone with XLR-XLR Cable (PGA181-XLR)
  • Tailored microphone cartridge design for smooth and versatile reproduction of sound sources
  • Cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the source while rejecting unwanted noise

This is a standout product in The PG Alta Family including a wide variety of items. Despite its affordable price tag, its features are equally outstanding, worth considering in the list of best tom mics. First of all, concerning the outside, it has a unique design, enough to stand out among hundreds of tom mics with similar designs. It's finished in black metal and the grille gives an unobtrusive visual presence

Shure PG ALTA Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone has frequency response from 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This frequency response is suitable for both home recording, vocals and musical instruments including the tom-tom drum

Similar to the other tom mics on the list, it also includes a cardioid polarization pattern that eliminates unwanted noise while maximizing the sound from the source. This model incorporates a microphone cartridge design to deliver the smoothest and purest sound.


  • Affordable price
  • Fancy design
  • Sharp and smooth sound
  • Use for many different purposes.


  • Must be placed near to capture the sound

MXL V67G microphone - microphones (Interview, Wired, Cardioid, Gold, Green)
  • Large 32mm pressure gradient condenser capsule
  • Gold-sputtered, 6 micron density diaphragm

Despite being a vocal mic, the V67G MXL does a great job of being a tom mic to support your drum performance. Firstly, the MXL V67G gives you a 30Hz - 20,000Hz frequency response, which is okay for you to experience with tom-tom or other instruments. In addition, the microphone also has a 32mm capsule with high frequency peak.

Secondly, the level of detail that this mic delivers is very impressive. We have already discussed the frequency response, but the sound fidelity is also well worth a look. The manufacturer provides the MXL V67G a large membrane capacitor for higher mic details.

The cardioid model is designed to suppress noise from the side and behind the microphone, while reducing interference coming from live devices to ensure sound reaches the listener's ear as clearly as possible. That is the reason that this product is rated as one of the best sound quality tom mics in the average price range.


  • Affordable price
  • Detailed and clear sound
  • Suitable for both singing and playing musical instruments


  • Shock mount not included

Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone - Black
  • Contoured frequency response is clean, instrumental reproduction and rich vocal pickup
  • Professional-quality reproduction for drum, precussion, and instrument amplifier miking

Not only is it one of the best tom mics, it's also a great choice if you're just starting out in the music world and don't know what to buy. Shure SM57-LC is constructed of cast steel, so it feels extremely solid when used. Even when dropped many times, it still works extremely smoothly. This is something very few products in the sub £100 range can do well.

Unlike other tom mics, it does not need an external power source to operate. So you can use it wherever you want such as on the road or in the middle of the park.

It also features a cardioid polar pattern that minimizes ambient noise recording and transitions only key sounds to deliver the best music experience for both users and their audience. Besides, its sensitivity is up to 94 dB SP so it can handle extremely high sound pressure levels.

The Shure SM57-LC is equipped with a swivel stand adapter for users to place the mic as you like. That way, the microphone always receives the instrument's sound wave effectively. The attentive manufacturer also provided a zippered carrying pouch to protect the mics.


  • Affordable price
  • No power needed
  • Less background noise


  • There is no stand

AKG P2 High-Performance Dynamic Bass Microphone,Black
  • Designed for bass Amps, kick drums, trombones and other low frequency sources
  • Cardioid pickup pattern for reduced feedback/crosstalk

This is the cheapest product in the top best tom mics. It is a clear proof that low cost does not mean poor quality. It has beneficial features that many more expensive products don't have. In terms of appearance, the full body is cast metal that firmly withstands difficult everyday use. The wire mesh lid is also quite durable.

AKG P2 has a frequency response of 20Hz-16000 Hz. Its sound is powerful with a deep bass range, especially suitable for low-pitched instruments. It possesses high performance capsules that withstand extremely high levels of sound pressure.

It is equipped with an innovative cardioid polarization pattern to eliminate interference from connected devices and unwanted ambient sounds. It only forwards intended sounds. Additionally, it features a built-in EMC noise-canceling coil for the cleanest sound. Therefore, the audience is enjoying the best quality sound.

What's more, even at such a low price, this tom mics is high performance enough to meet all your needs overnight after night.


  • Cheap price but many features
  • Suitable for low frequency sounds
  • Less unwanted noise


  • Some products have a noise problem

Some Tips To Choose The Best Tom Mics

As you know, the tom mic is a mic used for tom-tom drum, sometimes also used for many other musical instruments. As a result, specifications and certain features must be ensured to both relay the most realistic, vivid sound, and bring comfort to the drummer. Here are several factors that we think they will directly affect the quality of the tom-mics:

Frequency response

Best Tom Mics

Of course, as a sound relay device, frequency response is an indispensable factor for the tom mics. It determines the level of sound that a mic can receive and give. Frequency response wider, the ability to express sound better, deeper, sharper sound.

Regular tom mics should have frequency response between 15 Hz and 16,000 Hz. This is sufficient because the tom-tom drums in particular and the instruments in general have a low frequency.

However, some tom mics on the market have a maximum frequency response of 20,000Hz, which is higher than the maximum frequency response that instruments can achieve. That means you can comfortably perform at a super loud sound level. In particular, the outdoor performance becomes even more wonderful.

Ability to remove unwanted sounds

The ability to remove unwanted sounds directly determines the quality of the sound that the mic relays. The more the mic filters out the noise and interference from electrical equipment, the smoother and clearer the intended sound is, the better the audio experience. Conversely, if the mic filter is poorly, your performance will be negatively affected, even worse.

Best Tom Mics

In general, a majority of tom mics use cardioid patterns to filter sound. However, not all cardioid patterns do their job well. On the other hand, some firms don't use cardioid patterns but use other methods to minimize noise. You should also refer to reviews from experienced people for the most accurate view.

Main responsibility

The main responsibility we're talking about here is whether it's good for recording or performing live. On the market, there are usually three types of tom mics, specialized for recording, specialized for live performance, and doing well for both of these tasks. So you should base on your purpose of use to choose the most suitable tom mics. If you need a tom mic to record but buy a tom mics for live performance, it's okay but you definitely won't get the experience you want.

A better option is to buy microphones that do both: recording and performing live. Although the prices of these mics are usually more expensive, they are for your convenience. You only need one mic to do everything, instead of two.

Best Tom Mics


Best Tom Mics

Of course, buying goods must be concerned with the price factor, except for those who have too much money who can purchase goods without looking at the price. In general, the price of tom mics is extremely diverse, ranging from £8 to £500, there are also more expensive but very rare mics and are usually limited or made for only one person.

For those on a tight budget, there are plenty of products in the £25 to £50 price range that are of decent quality. Although they do not possess stand out features, it does well the main function which is relaying sound. In spite of your limited budget, you should not choose the tom mics that are too cheap because they often have no clear origin and fail very quickly, even some ones have problems promptly after unboxing.

If you have a moderate budget, we think you will be a bit confused since there are countless £50 to £130 products for you. There are quality items from the form to the ability to convey sound. However, there are also some tom mics that are not worth the money. This is the reason why you must refer to reviews before buying.

Best Tom Mics

On the other hand, I think for those who are really serious about playing drums or considering it as a career, they should invest in mics at this price range or more expensive for long-term use.

In addition, there are also a wide range of costly or very costly products for people with high budgets. Most of them are meticulously manufactured products with high perfection and excellent quality. They are sure to make a great music experience for you and your audience.

A good tip for you is to read a number of reviews and consult people who already use products as these can help you find the tom mics that are better than its price.

You also should refer to this video for an accurate choice:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Tom Mics

Everyone who invests in good tom mics has the same goal of improving their performance. However, each person has different conditions and requirements, so there is no one tom mics that is best for everyone. You should base on what you need to find the best tom mics for yourself.

If you need a tom mics to enhance your live performance, choose items with high frequency response and the directionality should be perfect. It also should be compact. Besides, when you want to purchase a tom mics for recording, prefer those with ultra smooth and clear sound. If you look for a tom mic with almost no background noise, of course you have to care about its filtering capabilities.

On the other hand, if you are a novice, look for items that are easy to use while need little adjustments and installation. If you are a professional drummer, you will have stricter requirements for your tom mics, but we suggest you think about the mics with exceptionally excellent tonality to create the most vivid performance.

Here are the top 5 best tom mics for 5 different uses:


BEST Tom Mics FOR live performance

Sennheiser Pro Audio E604 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Microphone Kit, 3-Pack
  • Three microphones included in this package.
  • High sound level handling


BEST Tom Mics FOR applications requiring extremely low noise

Electro-Voice RE320 Variable-D Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Microphone
  • A professional-grade dynamic microphone designed specifically for recording and sound reinforcement
  • Ideal for applications requiring extremely low noise and the best possible tonal and transient response


BEST Tom Mics FOR beginners

Beyerdynamic M201 TG Classic Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone for all Instrumental Applications
  • Universal microphone with hypercardioid polar pattern and wide range of applications
  • Integrated hum-buck coil; low-mass moving coil transducer


BEST Tom Mics FOR professional drummers

Aston Origin Microphone
  • Designed and Built in the UK
  • Built in Pop filter ; Built in Pop filter using the latest stainless steel mesh knit technology


BEST Tom Mics FOR recording

Audio-Technica 20 Series AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Side Address Microphone
  • Large diaphragm for smooth, natural sound and low noise
  • High spl handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatchedversatility

Ibiza Voice literally hope that after reading our detailed review and buying guide, you can find the ideal tom mic which adapt all your needs.

  • Don't forget to share your thoughts about Best Tom Mics at the comment box below!

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