Best Marks Guitar Loft Review – Helpful Guide From Experts

Finding a suitable marks guitar loft is not easy particularly when you are a beginner who may lack knowledge and experience about this kind of instrument. But don’t worry too much when you are standing right here on this article. We found a pretty good option for you. 

First, let’s look at the main features of the product and then, we’ll show you how to choose a suitable guitar and how well the recommended product can meet your demands and fully satisfy you.

Here we go!

Marks Guitar Loft Reviews

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Winzz Acoustic Guitar Travel, Guitars for Beginners Adults, Guitar Folk Red 39 Inches
  • Exquisite Design - Classic Cutaway shape, special handmade color effect on guitar top/side/back matching with high gloss paint effect. To meet the preferences of different people, 3 classic colors (Black/Red/Blue) are well-selected for our Winzz guitars.
  • Elegant Sound - Top, back and side all linden plywood, sturdy material, not easy to deformation. High density man-made wood fingerboard and bridge, high-quality steel strings and perfect bracing structure, so that the Winzz acoustic guitar resonates more clearly and powerfully.

Exquisite design: 4/5

This item has a Classical Cutaway shape that brings its owner a professional manner and retro vibe. The color is specially handmade, which gives an artistic effect on your instrument. The color effect is well-matched with the high gloss painting effect.

There are three color options customized according to users’ common preferences.  

Elegant sound: 4.5/5

Normally, steel string and nylon string guitars create the most ear-catchy sound. The back, side and top of this item is made from linden wood. The material is super sturdy; therefore, it is not easy at all to deform. The fingerboard as well as the bridge is also handmade with high density.

The steel strings are from premium quality material. This makes the whole structure perfectly bracing. Thereby, the guitar can resonate more powerfully and clearly.

Easy tuning: 5/5

The strings are tightly locked by the die-cast head. You’ll never have to worry about the out tuning issue. When you use the tuners that are enclosed in the set, you can easily tune even if you are just a beginner.

Check out on guitar tuner here: 

Budget-friendly price: 5/5

With an attractive appearance and beautiful sound, this Winzz guitar promises to deserve every coin. When many products cost around £150, this only costs you a half of that amount.

Full accessories: 5/5

When you purchase this product, you get a full set including a guitar for sure and other useful accessories such as three guitar plectrums, tuner, an extra set of strings, black strap, a wall-mounted hanger, cleaning cloth and a grey bag. 

If you wish to record your performance and share it with your friends, you may need a good microphone. Don’t forget to get yourself a good microphone for recording acoustic guitar

Alternatives For Winzz Travel Acoustic Guitar

If you are wavering between the Winzz acoustic guitar, below are the two good replacements; however they have some drawbacks compared to the above mentioned product. 

Stretton Payne Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This Stretton guitar has a more modern appearance. However, many users found it amateur. The main material is from spruce. Only the neck and fretboard are from hardwood. This item also includes a complete set of accessories including a digital tuner, strap, picks, spare strings, a guitar bag, and online lessons, which effectively supports your guitar training. 

The full size body shape and steel strings help to deliver a bold and rich tone. In addition, the rosewood fretboard and spruce top produces a bright and warm tone. I’m sure that you would find it a joy to play this guitar.  

However, it costs more than the Winzz acoustic guitar which I don’t think it deserves. Anyway, the sound it produces is highly appreciated by some experienced guitarists. 

Max SoloJam Classic Acoustic Guitar

Max SoloJam Classic Acoustic Guitar Pack, Full Size with String Set, Gig Bag, Strap, Picks and Digital Tuner Beginners Kit, Dreadnought Black
  • The SoloJam from Max Music, an Acoustic Guitar bundle, supplied with gig bag, clip-on tuner, strap and an extras bundle. Everything a guitar player of any skill level could need to get playing right away.
  • Full Size Acoustic Guitar: A 4/4 sized guitar with Western style Dreadnought body with 21 full sized frets set on a beautifully smooth Rosewood fingerboard. The SoloJam Acoustic Guitar has a stunning black body finish.

This item is mainly built from rosewood which is scarce and prestigious. Basically speaking, the material considerably increases the whole product’s value. Regarding the sound, this item produces powerful and clear sound. 

Interestingly, this item offers a LCD digital tuner so that you can place it on the headstock. It is very easy to  access and tune when you need it.

However, the item comes with a little high price but I believe the price is still somehow reasonable when it gives you a full set of accessories. 

Tiger ACG2 Full Size Acoustic Guitar Package

Tiger ACG2-WH Full Size 4/4 Acoustic Steel-string Guitar for Beginners - Package includes Gig-bag, Strap, Scratchplate and Spare Strings - White - Now with Six Months FREE lessons
  • With superb playability and a brilliant sound, this Acoustic Guitar Package is ideal for beginners
  • Available in a range of fantastic finishes, this quality guitar offers beginners the ideal long-lasting instrument with spare strings and a strap included

This Acoustic Guitar Package is suitable for beginners, with excellent playability and a great tone. This excellent guitar, which comes with extra strings and a strap, is available in a variety of beautiful finishes and provides beginners the ideal long-lasting instrument. The body material is from liden and the back is made from basswood and its fredboard is made from dark wood.

This acoustic guitar has a traditional dreadnought shape with chrome die cast machine heads, which are crucial for keeping your instrument in tune.

Owing to a high-quality dark wood neck and fingerboard, it produces a wonderful warm tone that may be generated through enjoyable playing.

A basic nylon gig bag is also provided, which will protect your guitar from dust and damage while also making transportation easier and more efficient.

This item also comes with an affordable price which makes me believe that it could be an ideal alternative for the Winzz acoustic guitar.

Seven Common Mistakes When People Buy Marks Guitar Loft 

Usually people are inspired by how beautifully their favorite guitar artists play this instrument. When they are motivated to learn to play the guitar, they often rush out and buy something that isn’t right for them. The following are seven frequent errors individuals make while purchasing their first guitar.

Choosing a wrong sound 

You have three fundamental options when looking for a guitar:

  • Electric
  • Steel string for acoustics 
  • Nylon string for classics

Many people think that starting with an Acoustic Guitar and progressing to an Electric Guitar is the finest option. However, I believe that your very first guitar should be suitable for the type of music you love.

If you prefer Green Day, AC/DC, or the Foo Fighters, you’ll need an electric guitar to achieve the desired sound. An Acoustic Guitar might be an excellent pick if you enjoy Taylor Swift,  Jack Johnson, or Ben Harper. Classical, flamenco and a variety of traditional music sound fantastic on nylon string guitars.

However, if the youngster is under the age of 12, we usually prefer a nylon string since it is simpler for them to press the strings down. A few children have harder hands than most others, thus if you have a rambunctious youngster, they may be able to manage metal strings sooner than expected. 

The guitars that we recommend above are all steel string guitars for acoustics. But if you are into rock music, let us check it out for the best electric guitar. You’ll find the best item for yourself.

Choosing a wrong size

This is an area where a lot of folks go wrong. 

Nylon-string classical guitars and steel-string acoustic guitars are significantly bigger than electric guitars. In other words, electric guitars may be played by almost anybody, however the increased weight must be considered. Electric guitars may weigh up to 6 kg, making them tough to manage for youngsters.

We generally advise youngsters to be at least 14 years old before trying an electric guitar, although this is a broad generalization, and some kids (as young as 10 years old) have done just well. Every child is unique, and some youngsters may be capable at a younger age, so if you believe your child is physically capable for their age, go for an electric.

In our entry-level collection, we offer a wide selection of sizes. The player’s height, age, and, in certain circumstances, gender are the most precise factors in determining the proper size. We can give you a personal recommendation if you can tell us these three pieces of information.

Choosing a guitar with too high strings

One of the most important factors in obtaining a simple guitar is string action. The simplest way to grasp action is to think of it as the distance between the bottom of the string and the top of the fret, calculated at the 12th fret (the halfway point of the string).

Most beginning level nylon string guitars have necks that are manufactured in a very conventional fashion, with a portion of metal bar a few mm thick inserted into the neck to keep it straight (you can’t see this bar because it’s incorporated into the neck).

After around 6 months, we noticed that this sort of construction causes neck bending (or bowing). However, there is really no easy way to return it to normal using the usual approach; once bent, it’s time to find a new guitar! As a result, we decided to redesign our classical guitars to include a truss rod.

A truss rod is a considerably more durable version of the bar used in conventional manufacturing, but its major benefit is that it can be adjusted. So, if your neck starts to bend in the future, you can easily modify it back into shape.

Getting trapped with a malfunctioning machine guitar heads that don’t remain in tune

An example of a basic covered machine head is as follows:

These are constructed of gears and pressed metal, and they were once the only means to create machine heads (so a lot of vintage guitars use this type). While they may appear to be stylish and nostalgic, vintage style tuners are notoriously difficult to tune and maintain.

The die-cast machine head is a current approach to get a much better guitar:

These machine heads, which are made from a mold, are smoother and more precise than covered machine heads.

Choosing a product just because of its brand

Most well-known brand name guitars are of excellent quality at higher levels, yet the beginner-level guitars, in our opinion, are not that wonderful.

In the beginner-level market, brand-name guitar manufacturers are frequently obliged to use less expensive materials. This is due to a simple cause. The majority of well-known brands have a brand owner (sometimes an American company). That firm buys from a manufacturer in China, and they’ll sell to a shop in Australia through a distributor (your local music store).

It’s simple to understand how they may be driven to utilize less expensive materials. There’s an amount of stress to have a guitar made at a cheap enough price so everyone gets a piece of the profit down the line.

Getting a guitar without any support materials

When most individuals get their first guitar, they are often unsure of what to do. A guitar might be a perplexing purchase, and most guitars do not even come with instructions on how to operate them. This becomes an issue since most individuals are forced to look for knowledge (which might be difficult to get by).

Sadly, many people become disheartened at this key period and may even stop playing entirely. The first six months of guitar training are crucial; studies suggest if somebody can still play after six months, they are far more inclined to maintain playing for the rest of their lives, therefore the first six months are crucial.

Paying for unnecessary features

You’ll need a decent quality instrument at the novice level, but a more costly instrument won’t make your playing any simpler. Higher-level instruments are made for advanced musicians who seek the best sound possible.

Most beginners are unsure of the tone, style, or kind of guitar they want to play in the end, but after a half year or so of playing, I’m confident you’ll have learned a lot more about guitars and will have an easier time choosing your next guitar. 

The most important qualities for a beginner are a well-set-up and easy-to-play guitar, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a higher sound quality. A higher-level guitar will just sound much better if you’ve honed your skills to the point where you can play them very well.

Most novices discover that after one year or two of learning, they have developed their unique tone. You’ll naturally gravitate toward songs with guitars and fantastic guitar sections. So what generally occurs is that your musical tastes vary, and with that, the sort of instrument that best matches your sound changes as well.

When you’re ready to move on, you’ll have a much clearer sense of what you actually want.

Final Thoughts

Winzz Travel Acoustic Guitar is among the best marks guitar loft that not only offer many cool features but also comes with a reasonable price. Upon playing guitar, you may need the help of a locking tuner to enhance the tuning stability of your guitar. See top 17 best locking tuners for your guitar. It promises to be a good companion in all guitar performances. 

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