SDP 2 Stage Piano Review: Buying Tips And Helpful Information

Gear4Music has been in business for decades and is well-known for making low-cost musical instruments, particularly digital pianos and guitars. While there are many mid-range and high-end pianos available right now, a complete novice will be better served by a less expensive one. Today’s SDP 2 Stage Piano review will let you know more about it. 

But what can it do? Is it also advantageous to purchase it? Take a glance at our post to determine if it’s worth your time. Continue reading to learn more about our thoughts on the SDP 2 stage piano review. Let’s take a look at what we can learn right now.

SDP 2 Stage Piano Review Description


  • It’s ideal for novices.
  • A sustain pedal is included.
  • Affordable.


  • More features would be beneficial.


  • 88 weighted keys
  • 3 layers velocity sensitivity
  • 32 polyphony
  • Voice control: layer, sustain, volume, fine-tune
  • 8 voices
  • Chorus and reverb (fully adjustable) effects
  • 8 demo songs
  • Metronome
  • Auto power off
  • 4x10W speakers


  • Sustain pedal input
  • Battery compartment
  • Headphones out

Included accessories

  • Sustain pedal
  • Music rest
  • 12v power supply (6xD Batteries, not included, can be used with)


  • Height: 80mm
  • Depth: 280mm
  • Width: 1270mm

SDP 2 Stage Piano Review: Key Features

Technology advances at a breakneck pace, as well as digital pianos, are no exception. Every time we try several of these, the piano’s sampling keeps getting better. The entire SDP 2 Stage Piano review can be found here!

SDP 2 Stage Piano Review Overall Design

This SDP 2 Stage Piano has been actually rather amazing when it comes to design for a relatively low-end digital piano. For a digital piano at this price, it’s very normal. The controls for changing the features, as well as a tiny LCD screen, are located along the keyboard’s top. We had no trouble experimenting with the different functionalities.

The main disadvantage is how you can see it was produced with lower-quality materials than some other possibilities. However, don’t expect this instrument to live up to the standards set by industry heavyweights like Casio or Yamaha.

SDP 2 Stage Piano Review Playing Experience

And if you are a novice, it’s crucial to have keyboards that have a good feel to them but also bounce back quickly enough for more expert players out there before purchasing a digital piano. This does have traits, and while it is a matter of personal preference, we had no trouble quickly adapting to the SDP 2’s distinct personality.

Unfortunately, the SDP 2 Stage Piano does not provide a realistic experience of playing. These keys do not really feel like they belong on the acoustic piano; in fact, they’re a little plasticky. Despite this, all 88 keyboards are weighted that goes a very long way toward recreating the true sensation of the acoustic piano. 

It’s crucial to remember, though, that it is a low-cost piano aimed at beginners, as well as what it misses in appearance it more than compensates for in functionality. The entire feel and appearance are really genuine and precise. 

The 32-note polyphony has always been sufficient, meaning you can perform a maximum of these notes at once before it interrupts you. And, sure, if you’re wondering how you’d ever been able to play that several notes at once, it all boils down to its sustain pedal.

SDP 2 Stage Piano’s Built-In Speakers

Unexpectedly, we were highly pleased with the SDP-2’s built-in speakers. We predicted them to stumble at high volumes and to experience some distortion, yet neither of these things happened. There was no distortion or anything, even at greater volumes. 

Another feature that surprised us about its speakers is there are four of them, rather than the usual two that come with most pianos. The SDP-2 is loud enough for modest shows and louder than enough for rehearsing in both large and small spaces.

The Connectivity Possibilities

Despite the fact that the SDP 2 Stage Piano is indeed a budget model, it has plenty of connectivity options. Firstly, there’s the conventional headphone jack. There are, however, connections for connecting the piano to something like a mixer or external amplifier, a MIDI output for utilizing the piano like MIDI control, as well as a USB port in addition to this. 

Overall, for a digital piano in this budget range, this is quite excellent.

SDP 2 Stage Piano’s Portability

As you might have guessed from the name, the SDP 2 is a very portable digital piano. It’s extremely light, making it ideal for performing or traveling around the house. It’s compact enough to be put into a bag for a keyboard for moving to/from gigs, and it’s able to fit in small locations if you’re short on space.

Features Of The Recording

This SDP 2 Stage Piano has no built-in recording capability. Its MIDI output alternative, on the other hand, allows you to connect your piano to a personal computer MIDI application, allowing you to tape and modify your songs. We tested this with a variety of MIDI programs but had no issues recording or editing our tunes.

The Sound Of The SDP 2 Stage Piano 

Sound is among the most essential aspects of our evaluation. Unlike our previous keyboard reviews, you’re probably interested in this device because it’s a real piano. Unlike a keyboard, it features 88 fully responsive and authentic piano keys. 

We weren’t expecting many alternatives in regards to instrument performances because it’s a budget digital piano, and we’re not wrong; there are not many of them. From the vibraphone to the grand piano,  there are eight built-in sounds. However, because this instrument is designed for beginners, there are many sounds to get started with. 

With the ability to utilize MIDI programs, you can alter sounds from your computer anyway, therefore, it’s not a big deal. Thus, if you don’t care about having lots of different sounds, such as strings, guitar, or flute, and only want a realistic and accurate piano experience, you’ve got to the correct place.

This hybrid digital piano seems to be suitable for both the home and the stage. A common misunderstanding about a piano labeled as the stage piano is that you’ll only buy one if you perform in a group. This is just not accurate, and you may buy a fixed or metal stand to use at home.

In our opinion, the word “stage piano” can also refer to a “portable” piano. That’s also due to the fact that you may put it anyplace in the house and it is easy to transfer and construct. 

The stage piano was easier to transport than a large acoustic piano, which normally takes the assistance of two people just to bring it into the apartment, let alone try keeping it up the stairs in your very own bedroom.

Anyway, back to the sound — it is indeed fantastic. The bass is thick and earthy, but the upper end of the pitch is bright and airy. Although they appear to be inadequate, the little speakers do an excellent job at projecting sound. 

When comparing to a much more closed piano, we often feel that these forms of digital pianos will be doing a lot better with sound since they let the music strike you straight in the face.

The Pedals

A pedal is something we didn’t expect to find on an inexpensive digital piano such as this. It does, however, come with a pedal. Admittedly, it isn’t the best one, and it does not feel very high-end. It is, however, effective, and it’ll be useful for a newbie learning how to utilize sustain and when to apply it.


Before seeing the cost of this SDP-2, we assumed it’d be not very cheap. So we were pleasantly delighted to learn that it costs around £250, depending on the accessories chosen. This is possibly the cheapest fully weighted 88-key digital piano we’ve ever seen. 

So, if you’re searching for something at house or the stage but wouldn’t want to spend a fortune, this is a great option!

More To Know About The SDP 2 Stage Piano Review

The Gear4Music SDP 2 Stage Piano is the ideal beginner package for anyone interested in learning to play the digital piano. It comes with a fantastic 88-key piano, as well as a sustain pedal, stand, a bench, and stereo headphones. This is very much everything you’ll require to begin playing the keyboard. 

The bench and stand make practicing at home more comfortable, while the stereo headphones let you practice in silence, something most novices will appreciate. Its sustain pedal is an excellent feature as well. 

While someone starting to play might not even require this at first, the capability of using the pedal to increase expression will become highly valuable for novice players over time. Furthermore, the SDP-2 does not require the usage of the provided stand. It’s simple to take apart, and the compact and small design makes it easy to transport.

It is a must-have for novices, as being capable of bringing your piano to school, classes, and practicing is a great benefit — nothing discourages you from learning more than having to lug around a large keyboard! A large variety of keys is another vital aspect for beginners. 

The SDP-2 has an 88-key layout, allowing novices to get a feel for a complete keyboard right once. While some people believe it is effective to learn on a digital piano that has 61 keys when they first start out, it is preferable to get a full range of keys as quickly as possible because this will not limit your performing abilities or technique.

It may indeed be appropriate for advanced gamers. If you exclusively play on the acoustic piano, for example, owning a cheap 88-key piano at home can help you improve your skill. 

Furthermore, the 88-keys were weighted, emulating the feel and touch of an acoustic one. Beginners will benefit from weighted keys since they will be able to feel the difference between pressing firmly on upper registers and gentler on the lower registers.

Anyone who intends to play classical music on the acoustic piano in the future will profit greatly while using a keyboard having weighted keys, such as the SDP-2. The SDP-2’s overall sound quality is pretty outstanding, as it is presented over 4 integrated speakers. 

There have been 8 tones to choose from, all of which are smooth and rich, especially the 2 tones of an acoustic piano. A harpsichord and vibraphone are among the conventional sounds, which include two organs (church and rock style) and 2 electric pianos.

These tones enable the SDP-2 to cover a wide variety of music genres, which is ideal for novices who want to experiment with diverse styles. There’s also a reverb and chorus effect, which generates a high-quality sound similar to what you’d hear in a live arena.


Overall, the Gear4Music SDP 2 Stage piano is an excellent choice for beginners. It’s inexpensive, effective, and seems to have all the essential elements you’ll want to begin learning to play. We strongly advise folks with little or no experience to try it. And that concludes our SDP 2 stage piano review, which we’d like to discuss with you here. 

Now it’s up to you to choose your choice! This SDP 2 stage piano has now been seen up close. Our SDP 2 stage piano review is now complete, and we hope you’ll take a peek at this and buy one soon. Also, if you’re looking for another option for piano companies, take a look at this list of our favorite piano brands

We remember that updating product information is constantly at the top of our list of priorities. As a consequence, we make it a point to keep our website current on all occasions. Please feel free to comment below if you think the evaluations listed here are improper, incorrect, or dishonest so that we are aware of your issues. 

We promise to be there for you anytime you require assistance. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We’ll meet up again.

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